Do you have a current listing or upcoming listing in need of Repair?

If so.. we're your Buyer . We are a Direct Home Buyer that delivers on our promises.

We make the sale of your listing Fast, Efficient, and the best part is you Get Both Sides of the Commissions PLUS a 2-3% BONUS Finders Fee on top of that!



Not Working with Warren Ventures

Purchase Price:                           $300,000

Listing Commission 3%                 $9,000

Total Owed to You:                      $9,000

Working with Warren Ventures

Purchase Price:                          $300,000

Listing Commission 3%                $9,000

Selling Commission 3%                $9,000

Finders Fee Bonus 2%                  $6,000

Total Owed to You:                   $24,000

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Why Sellers Love Us

  • We Always Deliver on our Promises
  • We can give a Cash Advance in 24 hours to help your sellers with financial problems.
  • Your sellers can stay in property for up to 60 days after the close of escrow Rent free to give them time.
  • Seller doesnt have to clean up or be inconvenienced by any showings.
  • We can purchase tenant occupied homes with-out interior inspections.
  • Best of all our Cash offer is As-Is and we can Close in 5 days!

Types of Properties we Purchase

  • SFR
  • Condo / Townhouse
  • 2-4 Units
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Commercial Property
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We can Buy in any Situation 

  • Homes in Need of Repairs
  • Inherited Homes
  • Probate
  • Foreclosure
  • Short-Sale
  • Complete Tear Downs

If interested in hearing more or Have an upcoming listing, please submit your information in the Form Below and someone from our Team will reach out to you.


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